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Welcome to Rankoutsider Records, an independent music label devoted to roots music based in Los Angeles. We specialize in Rock 'n Roll, Americana, Blues, Country, Folk, Punk, Garage etc. The label was formed in 2006 by Pat Todd, front man/songwriter of The Lazy Cowgirls. Our roster of over 25 acclaimed artists includes Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders, Scott "Deluxe" Drake (Humpers frontman), Kevin K, Earle Mankey, The Condors, Hutch, Stace England and the Salt Kings, The Black Jetts, The B-Movie Rats, Brian McCartney (ex-Trash Brats) with more coming every day.

Click here to see the roster of Rankoutsider Records artists.

Latest News

Stace England's new record makes the the January 2014 EuroAmerica Chart.

Stace England has just released the new album America, Illinois

More Releases coming soon!

Out today on Rankoutsiders Records: Jep Lipson Patina. 

Buy it on Amazon today!

Listening to Jeb Lipson’s Patina, you'll be struck by a certain quality, 
familiar yet perhaps forgotten. This is the sound of authenticity; from 
the honest-to-god live performances within the production of skilled 
hands on well-worn instruments, to the personal yet universal 
melancholy lyrics straining for a spiritual significance just beyond 
Listening to Jeb Lipson’s Patina, you'll be struck by a certain quality, familiar yet perhaps forgotten. This is the sound of authenticity; from the honest-to-god live performances within the production of skilled hands on well-worn instruments, to the personal yet universal melancholy lyrics straining for a spiritual significance just beyond grasp. 

 Freakstar and The Black Tongues Bells are both releasing CDs soon (catalogued as Outsider 43 and 44 respectively).

After that, three Saint Louis bands are releasing 7" singles for Record Store Day in April:

  • Outsider 45 - The May Day Orchestra - the group's first release since the CD/LP "Ota Benga" in 2010.
  • Outsider 46 - Tenement Ruth - new to the label, a four-piece rock band from Saint Louis.
  • Outsider 47 - The Union Electric - releasing a single as a follow-up to their CD "Time Is Gold" from 2012.

After all that, new releases from Jeb Lipson as well as Pat Todd and The Rankoutsiders.

Rankoutsider Artist The Union Electric is On the CMJ Chart This Week! This blog has the news.
Great news this week for St. Louis' the Union Electric: The band's debut full-length has landed on the CMJ Top 200 chart after gaining steady airplay at community and college radio stations around the country for some time now.
The album is available here.

Rankoutsider artist Wil Forbis placed a song on the Showtime television show "Weeds." The song, a piano instrumental not available on any current albums, plays behind the "ball gag" scene in Season 8 episode 2. (You'll know it when you see it.)

New Rankoutsider Release: The Union Electric release "Time Is Gold." The Union Electric has been steadily cranking out songs relevant to their city, the worker and the displaced since their formation in 2009. The Saint Louis-based band consists of Tim Rakehell, Glenn Burleigh, Melinda Cooper, Mic Boshans, and Brad Vaughn.

"Time Is Gold" is the group's first full-length album. It includes a few songs from their vinyl singles as well as new material.

Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels release the jazz album "A Quarter Past Four." It's a left turn from a group better known for alt-country rock. Buy the album from Cd baby. Go here to read info on the album and group:

Several Rankoutsider artists are playing SXSW! Thursday, March 15th, 2012 (DAY) Tom's Tabooley Spider House and The Paisley Umbrella Present The 4th Annual International Psychout! - 5pm 2928 Guadalupe St. Austin Texas 78705 Lineup: 1. TBA 2. TBA 3. The Go Wows 4. Sonic Avenues 5. The Ugly Beats 6. Spirit Kid 7. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders (approx 6:30pm) 8. Sons of Hercules

Thursday, March 15th, 2012 (NIGHT) Karma Lounge Saustex 2012 SXSW Showcase! - 8pm 119 W 8th St Austin Texas 78701 US (512) 469-0504 Check out the info below: SAUSTEX SXSW 2012 SHOWCASE "Make my fools old school!" Get down to the Karma Lounge (at their new location 105 E. 5th Street--between Congress and Brazos) for the 2012 Saustex Showcase. We have a great show with our good friends Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders from Los Angeles headlining the show at 1am. Hickoids make their first Austin appearance this year with new drummer Lance Farley at midnight. Soiling the stage at 11pm will be our cross-dressing amigos from San Francisco The Grannies. Another feller not intimidated by a little lingerie, Hans Frank, hits the stage at 10pm with his band Glambilly. Direct from Las Vegas comes The Scoundrels, fronted by rocking chanteuse Bianca Bananas at 9pm. New Saustex act Chief Fuzzer bring their Lone Star leaning psychedelic British blues in at 8 and Mexican garage rockers The Copper Gamins kick off the show at 7:15. SXSW wristbands, badges and single admissions at the door. (price TBD by SXSW).

Friday, March 16th, 2012 (DAY) Opal Divine's Freehouse Saustex & Farmageddon Records Present... - 12pm -7pm 700 W 6th St. Austin Texas 73301 US with: Trixie & Lucius, Chuck's Wagon, Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders, Filthy Still, Calamity Cubes, Stevie Tombstone, T. Tex Edwards

Friday, March 16th, 2012 (NIGHT) The Mixx Mix Show! - 9pm Saint Marys San Antonio Texas 78211 US w/ The Paperplanes and The Grackles

Saturday, March 17th, 2012 (NIGHT) Nightrocker Live Saustex / Rankoutsider Records Kickass Show! - 8pm 605 San Pedro San Antonio Texas 78212 The lineup is: Thrall, The Grannies,Hickoids, Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders, The Bipolar Gentlemen ### Two Los Angeles Rankoutsider events coming up! On, Friday, February 17, the Cinema Bar of Culver City hosts: Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders
The Black Tongued Bells
Mick Rhodes and The Hard 8
Show starts at 8:00 PM. On Tuesday, February 28, also at the Cinema: Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels cd release party for the new cd "A Quarter Past Four"
Show starts at 8:30 PM. The Cinema Bar
3967 Sepulveda Boulevard Culver City, CA
90230 (310) 390-1328

### Four Rankoutsider Records bands will be performing at The Las Vegas Shakedown, a three day music Festival from Oct. 13th -15th in downtown Las Vegas. All Rankoutsider bands are performing on Sat, Oct. 15th. at the following times and venues: Luck Of The Draw @ Azul Tequila 7 PM The Lucky Cheats @ The Beauty Bar 6:30 PM Barrio Tiger @ The Beauty Bar 8:30 PM Pat Todd and The Rankoutsiders @ The Beauty Bar 11:30 PM For more info and a full festival lineup go to 3 day tix are $73 in advance *** The Union Electric release a new 45!
Tunnels / An Irish Orphan 7"
Rankoutsider Records (Outsider 32) "What if we could combine the best of The Pogues with early Uncle Tupelo and throw a bit of Flaming Lips in for good measure, is that something you might be interested in? ...St. Louis based band The Union Electric ...serve up literate songs based in the folk tradition but filtered through indie rock and punk. - Blog Review from Songs:Illinois, June 2011 Barrio Tiger are the featured band for April at Rebel Music TV! The new 7” EP from Philly’s Jukebox Zeros is coming soon!! “City of Bother and Loathe” features 4 songs: 3 originals and a cover of The Testor’s “Let’s Get Zooed Out.” It’s colored vinyl and limited to 300 copies. Each copy will include a password for a download too.

Now available: the May Day Orchestra's "Ota Benga."

The May Day Orchestra is a collective group of musicians formed from several Saint Louis bands. Songwriter Tim Rakel of The Union Electric and members of the bands Tenement Ruth collaborated on "OtaBenga", a new recording for release on Rankoutsider Records in November 2010. This particular musical piece revolves around the historical figure for which the record is named. Ota Benga was a pygmy man who was taken from the Belgian Congo and brought to the United States as part of the 1904 World's Fair in Saint Louis. The songs on the record follow his journey from family tragedy and slavery to life as an anthropology exhibit. The songs give some history of the Congo along the way with some sonic landscapes to connect the parts of the story.Though it defies an exact genre classification, comparisons have been made to Nick Cave and The Pogues. Layers of guitars, strings, horns, drums and a lead pedal steel support the set of songs about the strange journey of Ota Benga's life. "Ota Benga" is available on CD and as a double vinyl LP.

THE CONDORS “SET ME ON FIRE” Featured in Indie Film TARGET PRACTICE “Set Me On Fire,” a song by Los Angeles quartet, THE CONDORS, has been chosen to underscore an opening sequence of TARGET PRACTICE, an independent film by Rich Riedel. The initial trumpet blasts of “Set Me On Fire” start off the movie with buoyancy, while the song’s theme of using anger to overcome adversity fits perfectly with the challenges faced by five friends who soon find themselves in an unexpected web of horror. TARGET PRACTICE is currently making the rounds at several prestigious film festivals, receiving accolades at every screening. It is due to be released thru Big Screen Entertainment and Warner Bros/WEA on June 20. Condors leader, Pat DiPuccio: “We feel privileged to have our song used in such a provocative film. After seeing the movie, we definitely knew we wanted to be a part of it. We’re elated with the end result.” “Set Me On Fire” is from The Condors CD WAIT FOR IT (Rankoutsider Records) For more information on The Condors go to: For more information on the movie go to:

RR welcomes The Black Tongued Bells to the roster!

Rankoutsider recording artist Wil Forbis has written a book! "Acid Logic: a Decade of Humorous Writing on Pop Culture, Trash Cinema and Rebel Music" is available at

Hear NPR's Weekend Edition interview with Stace England about his new Rankoutsider Release, The Amazing Oscar Micheaux. *** On two consecutive nights, December 4th and 5th, Rankoutsider Records showcased bands on both the east and west coast. Look for more showcases in 2010!

*** Rankoutsider Records welcomes The Dirty Shames and The Neighborhood Bullys to our roster. And keep your ears peeled for the release of "Carryin' a Torch," currently being worked on by Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders.

*** Keep an eye out for Rankoutsider Records Maestro Pat Todd in a background role in the upcoming Tim Burton movie "Alice in Wonderland."

*** Stace England is gearing up for the release of his newest musical project: an album detailing the life of African-American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux. Click here to download a PDF with details about the album.

*** Upcoming releases: NYC's The Victims --- "Take It As It Come" CD The Lazy Cowgirls --- "Third Time's the Charm... Again" The Victims/Jukebox Zeros split vinyl EP Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders/Defendants split vinyl EP Tijuana Hercules --- "The Almanack of Bad Luck"

Just Released: Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders digital single "Frustration, Tragedy, & Lies." The single includes the B-Side "I Won't Forgive You." Also: The Jukebox Zeros new CD " Rock & Roll Ronin ."

We've got lots of new releases on the horizon. Keep an eye out for recordings from Scott "DeLuxe" Drake, Al Perry, Gravy Boat, The Born Liars, Bill McCarter/Stalingrad Symphony, Patrick Salt Ryan, Jesus Christ Superfly, The Humpers, The Lazy Cowgirls, Seven 40 Seven, Michael Leigh (ex-Lazy Cowgirls guitarist), Michael Whyte, The Lonesome Losers,The Defendants, Damn Faith and the Raccoons.

Our Roster

Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders
The B-Movie Rats

Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels

Scott "Deluxe" Drake (former Humpers frontman)
The Lucky Cheats
The Black Tongued Bells
The Jukebox Zeros

The Condors

Brian McCarty (ex-Trash Brats)

The Holy Smokes

The Kevin K and the Hollywood Stars

Stace England and the Salt Kings

The Black Jetts


Earle Mankey

Sam Mellon and The Skylarks


The Defendants


The Probe

The Neighborhood Bullys

Tijuana Hercules

The Born Liars

The Humpers

The Dirty Shames

Bill McCarter/Stalingrad Symphony

Lazy Cowgirls

Patrick Salt Ryan

May Day Orchestra

Damn Faith

Michael Whyte

Gravy Boat

Jesus Christ Superfly

Michael Leigh

The Neurotics

The Blind Robins

The Lucky Cheats

Al Perry

Future releases include:

Al Perry & the Cattle
The Born Liars
Joe's Last Stand
The Defendants
The Raccoons
Gravy Boat
Jesus Christ Superfly

Click album cover for ordering information.

PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS: Frustration, Tragedy, & Lies Stace England & The Salt Kings: America, Illinois Jeb Lipson The May Day Orchestra: The Betrayal of Hasan 7 Inch Tenement Ruth 7 Inch The Union Electric: Out in the Street​/​Mysteries of St. Louis 7 Inch 'JJ and the Real Jerks: Economy Class Ego Trip' The Union Electric: Time Is Gold Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels: A Quarter Past Four JJ and the Real Jerks: The Wringer/Shootin From the Hip 7 single  Union Electric: Tunnels/An Irish Orphan 7 Sam Mellon and The Skylarks: Listen to the Birds Sing You the Truth The Lucky Cheats: Sugar In The Tank JUKEBOX ZEROS MAY DAY ORCHESTRA  STACE ENGLAND &  THE SALT KINGS VICTIMS  THE DIRTY SHAMES  THE PROBE THE NEIGHBORHOOD BULLYS SEVEN40SEVEN TIJUANA HERCULES  Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels  SCOTT DRAKE KEVIN PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS: Holdin' Onto Trouble's Hand  JUKEBOX ZEROS: Rock & Roll Ronin THE B-MOVIE RATS: Radio Suicide THE CONDORS: Wait For It  DEFENDANTS  SEVEN40SEVEN STACE ENGLAND & THE SALT KINGS: Salt Sex Slaves KEVIN K: Cool Ways SEVEN 40 SEVEN THE HOLY SMOKES: Never Give It Up PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS: The Outskirts Of Your Heart SCOTT BRIAN MCCARTY: Love Forget Me Not THE LAZY COWGIRLS: I'm Goin' Out and Get Hurt TonightHUTCH Hollylake & SilverwoodEARLE MANKEYBLACK JETTS Se